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Video – last of 2012 Gymkhana Grid Series for Monster Events

With some sadness, we have now completed our services in providing health and safety support for this year’s Monster Events, Gymkhana Grid series., this time at Santa Pod Raceway. This was an exciting weekend as it featured a press day, a day of spectacular demonstration drives using drift style, stunts and road trucks, plus of course, the final of the European Gymkhana Grid competition.


The great  news is that our work for Monster Events continues over the winter in a number of different ways and our next port of call with them is at Monaco, later in the month.

In the meantime, we look forward to working on the 2013 series of Gymkhana Grid events, which promise to be bigger and even more sensational in even more locations across Europe.

Above is a link to a series of short clips from Santa Pod. The night-time sequence features the world famous Ken Block.


The video titles might seem a little unusual for this type of video – that is because it is to be used for a training session, purely as a scene setting aid for production management students to relate to at one of our courses. They will then have to come up with plans to prevent and to respond to fictional problems which will be set before them. Problems incidentally, which had already been thought out and had been planned around, by ourselves, in advance of this event.