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Courting Death

Window cleaners working unsafely, caught on video. Client AND contractors both prosecuted

This video has been around since last year but as I recently saw similar activity whilst on my travels, I thought that I might share it, and the message with you - again in some cases.

This is the premise of a well known brand (nothing to be gained by 'rubbing salt into the wound' by saying who they are), which clearly did not keep sufficient quality checks on their contractor on this occasion. The window cleaner's foolish work methods resulted in him being fined £2,000 for working unsafely. The client however was fined  £15,000  and ordered to pay £3,000 costs. I am not aware if they also had to pay fees for intervention. If they did, they would have been very substantial. 

So, what is the message to be learned here? 

The message is clearly, have a good health and safety policy and safe systems of work. This will include checking on contractors' systems and quality of work, as well as that of own staff. The next bit is the important element here: Paperwork is only the starting point. If it is not put into practice, if work is not checked, if interventions do not take place if necessary and if you don't keep records of your actions, you are at serious risk of prosecution etc, if something goes wrong. In this case, someone passing by, who thought it would be a good idea to put a video on Youtube.

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