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What after risk assessments?

A popular mis-belief is that if work is risk assessed and documented, the job is done. That is it. All is well.

The reality is that a risk assessment is the starting point. It is a moment in time. It does not sufficiently deal with the who, why, what, when, where  and how elements of good practice. In short, it is just one of the arsenal of ‘weapons’ we use to manage health and safety in the workplace. It need not be a ‘heavy’ task but work to follow on from a risk assessment is just part of the management systems and it is ongoing.

So, what is it that should be done? Well I think that the easiest way to answer this is to refer to a very easy to read guide, commonly known as HSG65. Once again, it is free to download and contains easy diagrams and critical themes to follow. For instance, the need for strong communications, good training etc. The book is split into 5 key sections

  • effective policies
  • organising
  • planning/implementing
  • auditing
  • reviewing
  • Having taken this in, it is very apparent that risk assessments are just a small part of the system for a safer and healthier workplace. It is great for morale, quality of work and for a safe and reputable business.

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