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When is the best time for staff health and safety training?

Well, if you are running a busy business, to be honest, there is probably never a great time for staff training. But given that staff development and training in health and safety matters is part of a business's absolute necessities, autumn and winter is often the best time. Everyone is back from holidays and in autumn there is possibly no rush yet for Christmas focussed goals. After Christmas, well things often just go very quiet for some types of busineses and this is a great time. For those who focus their work on music festivals, this is the perfect time of year to reflect on skills development.

What courses to consider though?

In the general workplace as well as in the events industry, there are the choices of certificated/accredited qualifications or safety passports. We are a registered training centre for both types of courses.

For widely recognised qualifications in slightly more advanced areas, you might want to develop your fire safety skills or learn how to produce a quality risk assessment?

For those who want to make their workforce more aware of environmental issues, we can recommend a CIEH level 2 certificate in environmental principles qualification. This is a challenging one day course.

Or maybe you have a training need on your mind which does not quite fit into the above 'boxes'. No problem. Just let us know. There is a strong chance we can still help you.

For great flexibility, we can come to you with no problem or you can come to us. We are based in the North-west and handy for the M66/M62.

Oh, and enjoy the rest of the summer!

We provide a full range of health and safety training courses. To request more information about any of our service, contact us here.