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"It's not easy being green" - Kermit The Frog

In his song, Kermit sang about it not being easy being green but about half way through, changed his mind and decided how wonderful it is.

Have you thought, as we did, about colours and how they relate to your company? 

Our considerations (in choosing green) were the images associated with it. Green is the colour officially used for safe conditions - emergency exit routes, first aid and so-on. It is also associated with 'no pressure', positive environmental matters and reliability. This are our reasons for going for green. 

I have just read some other attributes we had not thought about which also apply to us;  growth (we are certainly growing), restoration (we help businesses recover from adverse circumstances), sanctuary (yes, that too - we help to provide a safe place of work), good judgement, stability..... and the list goes on.

So Kermie, green is great after all!