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Are you aware of common event-workplace causes of cancer? 


We help all businesses but the event industry is just as susceptible to this issue as any other. In the 'developed world' the incident rate of deaths due to work related cancer is a factor of (about) 100 x that of accidents and trauma. 


Here are some common causes you will encounter if you are working in typical event environments such as theatres, outdoors, exhibitions, multi-purpose venues, transportation, cities, .....  well, anywhere really:       -  asbestos (ceilings, roof spaces, cellars, tiles, wall-boards just to name a few), wood dust, shift work, diesel exhaust, painting, sun exposure are just a few origins or work related cancers. 


Here at The Safety Organisation, we are able to provide awareness training relating to this and other types of hazards. We can help you to ensure that you cover this in your obligatory safety management policies, risk assessments, duties of care, checks and safe systems of work.


We are sure that you are working to try to protect your workers but perhaps pressures of running the business get in the way. Why not make contact with us to discuss how we can help to keep you and your workforce safe.