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Health and Safety Services

Whilst our business is probably best known for its specialism in live events, which are normally very complex operations, we also provide an equally top quality of service to non event environments of all types.

Health, safety and welfare legislation applies equally to all work areas. If your business employs 5 or more people (including directors), whether paid or not, you must have documentation by law. A recent conviction for lack of documentation and safe systems resulted in a fine of £500,000.

Even if you have a smaller business, your clients  may require you to provide documents and proof that you can work safely.

In the eyes of the law, every business and every worker also has a duty of care to themselves and to anyone who might be affected by their work. This means that any shortfalls might also lead to claims for damages from anyone who becomes ill or is hurt in any way.

Why have sleepless nights because you keep putting this work off?

Why leave yourself or others exposed to danger or to prosecution? Find out how we can help you to maintain and enhance your reputation and at the same time, improve customer satisfaction.

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